Bistro Lauba. Food . Wine. People. Game. Art.

Like the rest of Lauba, Bistro is a place to play. Play with flavors. Play with pairing food with wine. Play with your friends around the table.

Taste the blend of bread with chili and walnuts, steak with beetroot and orange with carrots. Choose a glass of wine from our interesting wine list. Discover what “gnjudi” are or why the potato from region Lika is different from others.

Signature dish of Bistro Lauba is definitely BREAD, which is the beginning and end of everything. Directly from the oven, bread is a real lure for gathering and maintaining around the table. It is a universal side dish and the combination of the soft interior and crunchy crust is the absolute winner of our palates. Bread is one of the few products derived from nature, which has an aura of holiness and which we do not have the heart to throw, so we can say that we can live without any food, but without the bread we cannot.

Bistro Lauba is a unique space. It is a blend of art and food. Menu is well thought-out and changed every three months, according to seasons. Groceries are purchased only at farmers’ market and from trusted small producers, because it is important that we know the origin of the food we offer.

When you sit in the bistro you will notice that the interior is very unobtrusive, but if you look closely around, you will become aware that you sit inside the fabulously designed story signed by Morana Vlahovic.

Bon appetit!