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On Thursday, February 13, 2020, at 8 pm, in Lauba – House for People and Art, the photography exhibition of Igor Zirojević “Trilogy, Pula – The City Interval” will ceremonially be opened.
The exhibited artworks are composed of great format photography (100 × 140 cm) which were premiered in museum-gallery Sveta srca in Pula, as part of the program 25th Book Fair(y) in Istria.
More about the exhibition:
As the curator of the exhibition, Paola Orlić, says: “For many years, Igor Zirojević was immersed in the subject of the space and the complicated stratigraphy of the City memory, which he calls ‘his own’, the author is deeply aware that any kind of possession and marking of the space is an illusion, in that way he calls onto the scenes in which he recreates personal stories. Igor Zirojević continuously forms memory repository as a sequence of scenes – facets of Barthes ‘punctum’ that deeply affect the author on a personal level. The processes present in the author’s work: his search for his City in the intervals of epochs like the backdrop of determination, which becomes the search for oneself – the subjective facet of microhistory, author’s own, the other ‘punctum’; the places in the city that he steals away from the process of disappearance – all these can discover new places of oneself. Thinking of the space as something ‘that is melting like a sand that drizzle through the fingers as the time is passing, leaving only the formless shabbiness’, the meaning of the encounter with oneself at various stops of life’s crossroads and time intervals which he recreates, is based in the trail of ‘trying to preserve or keeping something alive: several crumbs taken away from the void which spreads, and to leave somewhere some kind of furrow, a trace, a seal, or a sign’. The photographs are all ‘punctum’ of deeply lived personal experiences and time on the intersection of some more glorious being yesterday and disappearance tomorrow; all the cadres of the author’s intimate archive of the City, are outlines of the space which are robbed from being slowly but surely terminated. In the gap between the photography and the text, the eternal fugue, which flickers with thousands of slipped stories, the author opens up spaces of new interpretations in which the position of the image in the time continuum has turned, so with the light of written places they become the memories that possess the author himself.”
The exhibit in Lauba will be accompanied by the publication of the trilogy of the same name, the artistic monograph followed by the text of literates Dragan Velikić (Grad Interval I) and Milan Rakovac (Grad Interval II), and historian Miroslav Bertoša (Grad Interval III), which will be on sale during the duration of the exhibition.
The exhibition will be opened until February 29, 2020.
We are looking forward to your arrival!