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The Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek on November 28, 2019, opened the exhibition “Juraj Dobrović”, in which it shows a total of fifty-one anthological works of art from a donation by Juraj Dobrović. Such an extensive selection of the artist’s works, which are the reference for almost his entire oeuvre, gives the opportunity for the whole donation to be presented to the public through the exhibition. The works donated to the Museum were mostly created in the period of the New Tendencies during the 60s and 70s, but there are also more recent works (from the 1980s to 2005). In addition to works from the donation to the Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition will be expanded and complemented by borrowing from key Dobrović’s works from the Museum of Contemporary Art and private collections such as the Vugrinec Collection and LAUBA – House for People and Art (20 works in total). The aim of this exhibition is to present the works of Juraj Dobrović as one of the protagonists of contemporary art expression and to educate the museum audience about the important chapter of Croatian art history, with which Croatia became one of the most important centres of contemporary art in the sixties and seventies – New tendencies as one of the most important contributions Croatian arts that draw a European line with a constructive approach.

The exhibition is open until February 23, 2020.