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OPENING: January 23, 2020 / 19:00

The exhibition features elements of a movie set of Tarwuk’s new film made in New York in collaboration with Matthew Goedecki. The exhibition is defined by the transmutation of everyday objects, through the alchemical process of distorting reality, taking objects from everyday life and placing them on the scene of the gallery in the service of a true narrative installation.

TARWUK is an art duo formed by Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić, who live and work between New York and Zagreb. In their work, through their drawings, paintings, sculptures and videos, they explore areas of the unknown, alien and poetically untouchable.

During the opening, a live performance of Bentley Anderson, an experimental musician from New York, will be performed.

The exhibition remains open until February 1, 2020.

Due to a private event on January 25 (Saturday), you can view the exhibition from 11am to 3pm.