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Lauba is the house for people and art which produces contemporary, cultural, urban contents.


Lauba is the loudest urban point in the city dedicated to the production of urban, cultural and contemporary contents. Our activities are art production, organization of art projects in the field of contemporary art, event management, art trading, fundraising and marketing activities.

In the entrance area, there is an all day bar „Bez naziva“ as a place of gathering and exchange.

The space for rent and art installation is called „Playground“. 

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The beginnings of Lauba date back to 1910 when it was designed by the construction company Emil Eisner and Adolf Ehrlich. At that time, she served as a horse riding arena within the military complex of the Austro-Hungarian army, and later became the textile factory of the Zagreb Textile Combine, which operated until 2008.

These days Lauba is the only well-preserved building from the military complex. Since it is a protected cultural monument, it has been adapted in such a way that valuable historical features have been preserved. The space is a reflection of the contrast of its own purposes: the compact cube is intended for business activities that take place within Lauba, while flexible free space is used for various cultural activities (exhibitions, performances, screenings, etc.).

The story of the building as it is today began after an architectural open call held in March 2007, in which a project was selected to be signed by an architectural trio led by Alenka Gačić-Pojatina, in collaboration with Branka Petković and Ana Krstulović. Morana Vlahović later took over the interior design.