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Ivana Franke, a master of enormous spatial installations and graphics that are mathematically precise yet deceptive to the eye, is exhibiting in Lauba until Monday, May 2nd. The exhibition ‘Apercepcija’ contains several works from Lauba’s collection, as well as some newer and older works available for acquisition, with which one of the most important representatives of Croatia’s contemporary art scene in the world

Ivana Franke, a Croatian artist with a Berlin address opened her exhibition Apercepcija this past Wednesday, April 20th with great anticipation. One of the most important representatives of Croatia’s contemporary art scene in the world returned to The House for People and Art with newer and older works available for acquisition as well as some works in Lauba’s collection - Centar, Pod, Instants

The House for People and Art is proud to announce the return of Ivana Franke, one of Croatia’s most prominent artists, into its gallery space from April 20th until May 3rd with the exhibition ‘Apercepcija’. The artist, with a current Berlin address, will exhibit works from Lauba’s collection - Center, Floor, Instants of Visibility (originally showcased at the Zagreb Art Pavilion and later

Prolazi by Marijana Stanić is a mandatory stop for all connoisseurs of conceptual and multimedia art and the chance to see this fantastic exhibition and explore the artist’s fragile landscapes, nuanced critiques of contemporary society, and consumerism, just got extended to April 7th.   The exhibition is comprised of intriguing installations which construct their own spaces and worlds within the House for People and

Prolazi, Marijana Stanić’s multimedia exhibition, evokes nostalgia and speaks of the vast landscapes of wanting and the stifling constraints of the mind using an aesthetic of kitsch, ready-made and pop culture. The House for People and Art will therefore be filled with mechanical and children’s toys, small haberdashery, and complex audio visual installations with Marijana’s strong conceptual expression. In this eclectic ambient, each

Lauba is honored to present Marijana Stanić’s exhibition ‘Prolazi’, the opening of which will take place on Monday, March 21 at 8pm following all of the appointed epidemiological measures.   ‘If someone were to describe all the doors they have closed and opened, all the doors they would like to open again, they would have to tell the story of their whole life.’ -

The fifth rendition of the Boutique Art Fair NESVRSTANI will take place June 30th - July 3rd 2022 in Lauba - The House for People and Art.   Application deadline: April 15th, 2022 Boutique Art Fair NESVRSTANI offers a commercial platform for galleries, art organizations and independent artists. In its four years of existence, NESVRSTANI has established itself as the most important art fair in the

Christmas with Ivica and Marica is the first children's play from the cycle Bite into a Fairy Tale, which will be presented to the public in December 2021. Performances at Lauba will be held Dec. 12 and 13 at 6 p.m. Bite into a Fairy Tale is the first gastronomic-theater project that brought together three creative women from completely different fields: Petra Radin, theater director

Lauba proudly presents the exhibition of the graphics portfolio ‘’Factory Mornings’’ by Milan Trenc. The opening will take place on the 15th of December at 8PM and will follow all pandemic safety regulations. Through his collection of graphics ‘’Factory Mornings’’, Trenc attempts to analyse the relationship between two simultaneously famed and criticised artistic styles of the 20th century; pop-art and social realism. Using style as