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Prolazi by Marijana Stanić is a mandatory stop for all connoisseurs of conceptual and multimedia art and the chance to see this fantastic exhibition and explore the artist’s fragile landscapes, nuanced critiques of contemporary society, and consumerism, just got extended to April 7th.


The exhibition is comprised of intriguing installations which construct their own spaces and worlds within the House for People and Art, pulling us in with their visual and acoustic stimuli. They move or encourage and urge us to do the same – to pass through, bend, and play so that we could look, listen, and soak in. A Balcony protruding out of a brick wall, the echo of red balloons on concrete, and a game of memory are just some of the works filling up Lauba. They share the space with an installation, a namesake of the show – a collection of 28 empty door frames, the passing through which serves as a trigger for an imposing sound projection.


About the implications of Marijana Stanić’s work, the curator of the show, Irena Bekić says the following: She builds a whole universe of joy based on trivial and liminal phenomena, caught in the trap of stereotypes and the commodification of desire. Her objects are a visual elaboration on happiness. They are aesthetically spruced, the beauty is dosed, the kitsch deconstructed. On one side ironic, on the other benevolent towards kitsch and fantasies, the artist demonstrates that despite the neoliberal exploitation of dreaming, there are still places of resistance towards that commodification and we have to stand up for them.


The hours of the exhibit are MON-SAT from 12 pm until 9 pm, and tickets are sold according to the following tariffs:

Regular tickets: 40 kuna

Retirees/students/neighbors: 20 kuna

Members: free