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Lauba is honored to present Marijana Stanić’s exhibition ‘Prolazi’, the opening of which will take place on Monday, March 21 at 8pm following all of the appointed epidemiological measures.


‘If someone were to describe all the doors they have closed and opened, all the doors they would like to open again, they would have to tell the story of their whole life.’ – Gaston Bachelard, The poetics of space


Marija Stanić’s exhibition Prolazi contains her works created since 2004, like Kućica za ptice, Balkon, Malena je ptica prepelica, al’ obori konja i junaka, Happy endings, Slatki život and others, including her most recent work, a complex audio installation titled Prolazi. The latter becomes a spacial focal point of the created multimedia ambient in which each of the works presents a point of stopping, a knot from which the autor builds narration on dreaming and fantasy, the vastness of wishes and the limits of the mind. It is an uncertain and fragile landscape, a delicate imagined configuration based on the aesthetics of mechanical toys, pop culture and kitsch. But dreaming (with which her strategies of thinking could be qualified) aren’t, as Bachelard says, ‘in all circumstances a phenomenon of comfort and relaxation.’ So these aren’t oneiric visions, but constitutive, even subversive poetics. If we return to the gallery setting of exhibition Prolazi, we will see that this too is not a showcasing of an imagined space, instead, each work is a constitutive microsituation, an installation which either contains movement or encourages us to move. But that is, it seems, an exit into a dead-end, a simultaneous passage into the unmeasurable and a knot in place. (from the foreword by I. Bekić)


Marijana Stanić was born in 1971 in Zagreb. She graduated from the Academy of fine art in Zagreb in 2003. Her professional working field is tied to visual culture and fine art, through her own artistic work and socially engaged projects of the 90-60-60 / Platform for contemporary art association. She is the director of the 90-60-90 gallery / Pogon Jedinstvo and a visual artist. Since 2001 she has been actively working as an artist and has exhibited at numerous group and solo shows in Croatia and abroad. Within her work she employs a wide specter of media from drawing, audio, video and light installations, radio drama, objects and art games. With a need to question the image of the world we live in, she problematizes value systems of contemporary society, consumerism and presentations of reality, and explores models of everyday communication and choices of life strategies. Marijana’s works are based on the aesthetic of children’s toys, kitsch and small haberdashery, and her themes often touch upon general places of imagination with an ironic twist. She is a member of HDLU and HZSU. She lives and works in Zagreb.


The opening hours of the exhibit are MON – SAT 12-9pm, and tickets will be charged as follows:

General Admission: 40kn

Retirees/Students/Neighbourhood ticket: 20kn

Members: Free