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11/22/2019  Friday • 8 pm  Lauba

Monika Milas is a 4th year undergraduate student of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She works on graphics, painting and 3D visual projections. She operates independently and as a part of the audio-visual collective “Mediummovement”. At her first solo exhibition in Lauba, she will present a series of large-scale diptychs and triptychs created by the technique of ink on paper. The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for Friday, November 22 at 8pm. 

Apart from the opening day, the exhibition can be viewed on Saturday (November 23) during the gallery’s opening hours as well as during the Mediummovement Gallery Party.

Mediummovement Gallery Party
11/23/2019 • Saturday • 9 pm • Lauba

Mediummovement is an audio-visual collective formed out of a love for electronic music. The collective is focused on transforming space, constructing experiences and atmospheres through combinations of multimedia practices, creating a dialogue of visual and auditory stimulations.

Mediummovement collective consists of: Monika Milas, Robert Fenrich and Dario Viduka.

Gallery Party is scheduled for Saturday, 11/23 at 9pm.

Admission is charged 20 kuna.