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Prolazi, Marijana Stanić’s multimedia exhibition, evokes nostalgia and speaks of the vast landscapes of wanting and the stifling constraints of the mind using an aesthetic of kitsch, ready-made and pop culture. The House for People and Art will therefore be filled with mechanical and children’s toys, small haberdashery, and complex audio visual installations with Marijana’s strong conceptual expression. In this eclectic ambient, each of the works presents a point of stopping, a knot from which the author builds narration about dreaming and fantasy that propels us to move, calling for our interaction with its striking visual identity. Taking in the exhibit, it is very hard not to continuously walk back and forth across Lauba’s imposing space, when the brick walls echo with a collage of sound and each one of our movements could be a trigger for some new auditory stimulus.

Even though the exhibition presents a dissection of the artist’s prolific career and the oldest of the pieces was completed in 2004, Kućica za ptice, Balkon, Malena je ptica prepelica, al’ obori konja i junaka, Happy endings and Slatki život are all in perfect mutual dialogue. The latest work that is a part of Prolazi is a complex audio installation of the same name, made up of 28 collected door frames and created specifically for this exhibition.

Marijana Stanić questions the image of the world we live in and problematizes the value systems of contemporary society using a wide array of media – drawing, audio, video and light installations, radio drama, objects and art games, subverting the seemingly lovely items and images until an apparition of their dichotomous character crystalizes. This is an exhibition that makes us look, hear, move, and, most of all, think.

You can visit Prolazi Monday – Saturday, 12pm – 9pm.

Ticket prices:

Regular ticket: 40 kuna
Students and seniors:20 kuna