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Lauba continues with the project “Pass it on” which gives young authors the opportunity to exhibit in the premises of “Playgrounds” (Bistro Lauba). It is a series of pop-up exhibitions that alternate every 14 days and can be viewed every weekday from 9 am to 5 pm. The play begins when the artists whose exhibition is set up choose the next author (“Pass it on”), and after five exhibitions, Lauba again chooses the artist who starts the next cycle. The aim of the project is to discover and promote the younger generation of artists in the field of today’s contemporary art scene.

With a new series of exhibitions within the project “Pass it on”, Lauba presents the latest works of Antonela Šurbek, a young student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.











I talk a lot, and I think even more. I am one of those people who “breaks” my head about important, and mostly unimportant things. The situation changes as I read, then I focus only on what is written on the paper in front of me. That comes back to me later.

Completely unexpectedly, in the middle of a conversation, a clearly visualized sentence from a book goes through my head. I call it a “Smetala.” Visual thoughts that are not related to the current situation in which I find myself, usually do not have a deeper meaning, but a few words could still be said about them. They appear at an unexpected moment, out of context, almost confusing me in what I do.

On this occasion, I present them, Smetala, incidental thoughts, works that are not the product of some longer thinking and planning.












Antonela Šurbek (1999, Zagreb) graduated from the School of Arts and Design in Zagreb. She is a second year graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, majoring in Teacher – Graphics. It is expressed in the form of drawings, illustrations and text that she seeks to unite through her work.