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Lauba’s project ‘PASS IT ON’ continues with the exhibitions of youth authors, and this time it showcases Dorian Pacak, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. The opening of the exhibition ‘Dinostalgija’ will take place on Thursday, December 2nd at 7pm in bistro Lauba.



“In my thoughts I love to return to early childhood. Often I think of what I felt like back then and what brought me joy during my first days. Everything was much simpler; life mostly came down to play and through that play to unfelt learning; time moved slower and the world was far more colorful. These works are my homage to that time. They are trying to materialize it with the goal of evoking memories of a happier and more colorful time. I choose the dinosaur motive because that is what marked my childhood and awakened in me a curiosity for exploring the world. As a child I would often play with cheap, plastic interpretations of these long lost creatures and those toys remain bright and happy memories to which I return to with joy and which help me in solving ‘adult’ problems.”



Born on May 5th 1996 in Zagreb. Graduated from the V. Gymnasium in Zagreb in 2015, and in 2017 enrolled at the Academy of Fine Art where he is currently in his second year of graduate studies in sculpture under Ivan Fijolić. Had a solo show in Galerija Crta and exhibited at a couple of group shows in Galerija Šira, Galerija Karas, Galerija Pallas Projects/Studios, Galerija Canvas, etc. Took part in projects like Art in the Community: Redefining Heritage organised by the ‘Zemlja’ group, numerous actions with the Centre for Culture and Information Maksimir where he painted children’s playgrounds and Suhozidi: a Trace in Landscape or Forgotten Cultural Heritage. Lives and works in Zagreb.


Entrance to the exhibition is free.

The show is open during the work week 9am – 5pm.