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Lauba continues the project “Pass it on” which consists of a series of pop-up exhibitions of students in the premises of the “Playground” (bistro Lauba). The play begins when the artists whose exhibition is set up choose the next author (“Pass it on”), and after five exhibitions, Lauba again chooses the artist who starts the next cycle. The aim of the project is to discover and promote the younger generation of artists in the field of today’s contemporary art scene.
We are starting the new cycle with an exhibition by Petra Divković, a 2nd year graduate student of fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts.


“I think more and more about the saturation of the urban environment, people and the simplified forms that life in the city offers. The need for modernization, easy access to a lot of content, constant change and a short concentration of people inspires me to my own world of animals, a world in which man is no longer the protagonist. I am fascinated by animal forms, their endurance and strength. By taking certain physical characteristics of real animals and combining them with abstract forms and patterns I create animal motifs.

BIOGRAPHY: Petra Divković (1998, Zagreb) graduated from the School of Arts and Design in Zagreb. She is a graduate student of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb. Her areas of interest are drawing, illustration and comics, which are full of wit and pessimism. She explores the motives of real and imaginary human and animal characters through their transformation, as well as existential situations using caricature, abstraction and text. She participated in group exhibitions in Zagreb.
Admission to the exhibition is free.