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Wednesday, August 25th marks the last day of the spectacular exhibition Erwin Wurm: The Show, a collaboration between Lauba and Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, one of the most important artists globally whose works are a part of numerous museum collections, from London’s Tate and Paris’ Centre Pompidou to the New York MoMA. Probably the most attractive exhibition in the region, the show will contain Wurm’s remarkable works – Narrow House which was presented at the Venice Biennale as well as the tilted Renault 25. This is also the ultimate chance to become part of the display at the House for People and Art, by following Wurm’s instructions surrounding his One Minute Sculptures and using your own body to become one with the unique art pieces.


Erwin Wurm: The Show is a must see for all lovers of contemporary art and those that are yet to become that, after experiencing Wurm’s iconic sculptures. The artist often questions contemporary everyday life, caricatures western mentality and points out all of their absurdities which leaves his work, with distorted and unexpected volumes, highly impactful.